September 20, 2012

Hike to Uthuwankanda and Bathalegala- part 2

Continuing from Hike to Uthuwankanda and Bathalegala- part 1

Then we came back to Mawanella, had our lunch and luckily after getting some directions we could catch the bus to Bathalegala junction when it was just about to leave, there was only one bus for few hours in that route otherwise we had to get off at Gevilipitiya and travel 4km to Bathalegala junction which we had to do after returning. From Bathalegala junction there was 2.5km to the trail head, it was a small concrete paved way and starting from the junction it was one continuous climb.

The concrete paved way
A glimpse at our destination

Bathalegala also known as Bible rock is 798m in height above mean sea level and it's way taller than Uthuwankanda which is less than 400m in height. It was rainy and overcast since the time we descended Uthuwankanda but as we climb we could experience a climate change more than that. After about a 45-minute walk we found the trail head, a tiny footpath through small rubber estate, From there it was steep climb. On the way we could experience a clear change of vegetation when we entered A dark forest patch with a forest canopy grown so high. At the edge of this forest was the beginning of the rock to climb and we had to wait at this point since there were some heavy showers of rain falling and it was dangerous to climb the rock and also the mist was invading the area.

Trail head
Entering a dark forest patch with a canopy grown so high..
From there, was the best part of the hike, breathtaking scenery all the way around that no words could express. Soon we reached the summit and it was like a plain, the foot path branched off to two path as in a T junction and we took the right at first. The path was heading to a small temple an 'Aramaya' but no one was there and after a little ascent there was a small pagoda and we reached right edge of the Bible Rock. We were touching the clouds, felt like heaven. It was perfect weather for such breathtaking views. After spending some time, after a little snack break we moved on to the other edge.

End of the forest patch..up there misty...

Climbing the rock 
Touching the clouds....
The other edge of Bible Rock
At the right edge of Bible Rock
We just couldn't leave the place with these amazing scenery we were witnessing, but it was getting dark and we had to start our descent. By 6.30pm we reached Bathalegala junction at Hathgampola. After asking from a nearby boutique we got to know that there were no buses to Mawanella at that time so had to walk toward Gevilipitiya hoping that we could find somebody kind enough to give us a lift. Walking about 2-3 km in the dark actually somebody with a truck did give us a lift to Gevilipitiya. It was a nice experience too. After thanking him, got off at Gevilipitiya junction and hired a three-wheeler to Mawanella and headed home.
me, Gehan and Buddhila


  1. Obviously you had to be there! The photos are good and I love how you were touching the clouds. You were so blessed to share this experience with others

  2. Hey man ape anek 4to tika... kooooooo??

    1. anith tikath slide show ekata add karannam.