July 15, 2011

My thoughts into a java poetry........

My thoughts, definitely not public
My deeds, of course they're private
My views, they must be protected
But my death, is all set by default

My brain's got to implement Runnable
The thing is my memory's not Rewritable
Got to hurry and extend Serializable
and rather make it more Comparable

My parent class is worrying too much
The inheritance i would probably mess up
May be I should override the ancient methods
But on second thought, i'm gonna reinvent the wheels

Me, myself is setVisible(true)
While my main method's on EventQueue
Damn! these so called Exceptions
Null-pointers, runtime's never been so relentless


July 10, 2011

Graph Theory-The Handshaking Lemma

    Let G be a graph with n vertices v1,v2, ...... ,vn and m edges.  Then
    Each edge is incident with two different vertices. That is each edge connects one vertex to another. If we start adding one edge at a time then the degree of two vertices is increased by one. Thus sum of degrees is increased by two so the sum remains even.

July 1, 2011