December 11, 2011

My thoughts into free style

My blog, the place I visit for the off season
Busy-ness with the uni-life would be the reason
My thoughts into free style, kinda weird ?
Just could't find one more neared...

                                                          So So....

All that glitters is not gold; they say
Shakespeare may not have thought this way
Please be more logical; Dr. Ramasinghe says
"There exists no gold s.t. gold glitters"
So there exists no gold; the conclusion
Math-analysis and literature; the collision
This may be not the right thing for someone
And we are on the same ride, that someone plus me 

Math freaks, math geeks and Phds, i hate'em all :D
Tryna work our minds to the extremes :@
I'm gonna finish this once and for all :(
And let my mind float freely in the spaces :)

UoC life beginning to feel great
Hopefully I'd write more with the INSIGHT
Alas! just remembered the next few months
Gonna be as hell and fall to pieces......

October 7, 2011

Amid the 'Back on track' process :D

Wow! again a long back to where it was all started where I got a little time off. So it has been almost a month since my so called vacation started after the university exams and since then as simply said  I've been busy as hell. Thousand things happened which I was not expecting, thousand things remain to be done which I was hoping to do in my vacation. Still my vacation is not a vacation anymore and the rest isn't going to be either; lol this just reminded me of what I told to one of my friends.

To this day most of my vacation was spent in the university and i'm pretty sure there won't be any change to the other remaining 17 days. So first and foremost I could break my own world record -wake up at 3.30 in the morning...yah! Then the happiest of all time is that I could start my daily practices again. Next got an opportunity to be a member of KSN, a research team based on Linux systems and open source development currently named as Knowledge Sharing Network which is headed by Gihan Wijeratne, a 4th year computational physics sp student and that's all i'm permitted to speak of KSN for now 8-)

The last week of September was all about taking initial steps to raise funds for a huge function (a huge function) in our university and that was to sell 50,000 pens each for Rs.20. It was planned to sell 10,000 as the first round in Colombo area, to be specific the buses-mainly 138,120,155,154,100,101 routes. This was really one hell of an experience. I couldn't even believe we sold pens just like the regular bus sellers. In the morning we split up as teams consisting 2 or 3 and came back to the university(to the Open) at about 2.00pm because it was really hard to sell when schools finished. Back at the Open everyone looked like dead; dehydrated and yawning and was tired like hell. At the end of the day each team sold about 250 pens. So the first 10,000 is  finished and second is on the way.

Then we had the 8th Korea Cup in October 1st and 2nd at the Sugathadasha indoor stadium; venue was specially mentioned because of an unforgettable experience I had back in 2008 during all island school wushu championships-my first ever knockout, I got knocked out in a fight and was carried in a stretcher, had a short memory loss, couldn't even walk for a month and that's..... quiet an exaggeration, isn't it :)  So in Korea Cup, of course our boys' team did well and was able to win 1-gold,2-silvers and 1-bronze, our girl's team got 2 bronze medals in the sparring event and 1-gold and 2-bronzes in pumsei event.Speaking of me I won against Uni of Mora but  it's just so embarrassing to say that, victory just vanished in a flick of an eye in front of me during the fight against Uni of Kelaniya because of a penalty round :'( 

Then starting from last Monday, October 3rd, a new batch joined the faculty of science and of course as the first seniors of the all new freshers it's our duty to make them feel the taste of the university culture and of course we are working really hard to accomplish that.

There are so many other things left to accomplish, I just don't know where they end. I've got to enter the next wushu nationals which I couldn't do last time because of the studies at the university and next Monday 10th October, the first official project of KSN is to be kicked off: Developing a database server. All the team members are looking forward to it and most of all I just wanna go back where I was an year ago, so 'back on track' process is still running in my OS in a separate system thread.

August 28, 2011

A word before the Final Exam paper-Algebra

Again a long way back exactly after 42 days here I am blogging in the middle of university exams. So far the exams were similar to an inverse of an exponential function (exp(-x)) for me and hopefully I know that there won't be any miracles happening to change that function into a exp(x^2) since algebra is next. 

So yesterday was the matrices, started the day with a little bit of confidence but within one minute that confidence turned into a disaster. The biggest problem we had writing the matrices past papers was the time management, it was almost impossible to complete a paper within 2 hours even if you could solve all the problems except for a math-headed-big-brainer. 

But the funniest thing was a  below average guy like me ending up answering all questions in the matrices paper with 10 minutes on the clock to go. So while checking some of the MCQs again(can't help :D :D @ myself) the 10 minutes passed. Exam was done. Right behind me was Ashan('pata'-ps001-the brainer) and at that very moment I didn't really get his 'facial expressions' . Then came the disaster...the first words came out of him were that the matrices lecturer had a hidden curse upon us. Next thing I did was check my answers with his..they were almost like an inverse-conjugate-transpose matrix of answers; i.e the answers were really different. After an 'in-depth-explanation' from him i could get the seriousness, then the next thing came out my mouth was 'yes matrices repeat!' . So so there goes the end point of the disaster.


These days it's a common sight to view parrots and all the descendants of  parrots and all the species of parrots in the university premises, some caged, some flying around freely. Just like Mr. Potter having Hedwig my batch mates are allowed keep one or more of those aiding creatures. Almost all the Bio-Science guys and gals must have one or more of those fascinating creatures with them all the time and we see them feeding their pets on a regular basis. In case of the physical science guys and gals, some are very repulsive to parrots, the instant they try to adopt a parrot the instant they fly away and some-specially who are doing chemistry borrow parrots on a  temporary basis but they tend to fly away so they usually keep few more. Unfortunately for me all species of parrots are allergic , I've got a fearful doubt that soon the uoc premises will become a bird sanctuary!!!

July 15, 2011

My thoughts into a java poetry........

My thoughts, definitely not public
My deeds, of course they're private
My views, they must be protected
But my death, is all set by default

My brain's got to implement Runnable
The thing is my memory's not Rewritable
Got to hurry and extend Serializable
and rather make it more Comparable

My parent class is worrying too much
The inheritance i would probably mess up
May be I should override the ancient methods
But on second thought, i'm gonna reinvent the wheels

Me, myself is setVisible(true)
While my main method's on EventQueue
Damn! these so called Exceptions
Null-pointers, runtime's never been so relentless


July 10, 2011

Graph Theory-The Handshaking Lemma

    Let G be a graph with n vertices v1,v2, ...... ,vn and m edges.  Then
    Each edge is incident with two different vertices. That is each edge connects one vertex to another. If we start adding one edge at a time then the degree of two vertices is increased by one. Thus sum of degrees is increased by two so the sum remains even.

July 1, 2011

June 30, 2011

First Year Batch Trip to Haagala Mountains - part 1

This is the start of our journey; a hike, to be precise, Forgive me for not having any group photos of almost 300 crowd batch trip because we were the few of the first to go (i was the first) and on the half way my freaking K800i phone battery got dead and could't capture almost all the enjoyable moments. Any way have a look at some of the photos of which a journey i would not forget for my entire life.
The hike was supposed to be a great challenge for the bookworms who always used to hang around the 'Apaaya' ; i.e. the 'HELL' = library of faculty of science and of course for some girls(I really must admire the girls who could make their journey to the top without any help while some guys had already quit-ted ). 
Among the rest of the batch who couldn't participate there were some participating in inter-university games, I must appreciate their commitment for the university, thanks to them and others who took part, we remain as the overall champions to this day. 
DSC02077 by Kasun Amarasena
Haagala Mountains,  Sri Lanka.

DSC02078 by Kasun Amarasena
Haagala Mountains,  Sri Lanka

DSC02079 by Kasun Amarasena
The forest of pine - Haagala Mountains,  Sri Lanka

DSC02080 by Kasun Amarasena
The forest of pine - Haagala Mountains

After the forest of pine we thought were looking at the destination of our hike, the top , but.................

DSC02081 by Kasun Amarasena

DSC02083 by Kasun Amarasena

DSC02084 by Kasun Amarasena

DSC02086 by Kasun Amarasena