August 20, 2013

From Horton Plains to Bogawanthalawa

Hiking Kirigalpoththa Mountain and the Bridle Trail

This hike consisted of two trails, first one is Kirigalpoththa, the famous nature trail which is also the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka with an altitude of  2388m above mean sea level and the Bridle Trail which is also famous among hikers that has a history running to the colonial era. (Special Permission from the Department of Wildlife is needed to do the bridle trail.)

The Crew consisted of four,me and three of my friends. We left Colombo in the night mail train to Badhulla which leaves at 8.00 pm from Fort and arrived at Ohiya at 5.00 am in the morning next day hired a van to Horton Plains visitors' center. It was early in the morning, actually we were the ones who woke up the officer at Horton Plains entrance :D We knew that the earlier you go to Horton plains the more sambhar stags you get see and we did. After passing the entrance we saw hundreds of sambhar stags roaming in the plains, Even though I had visited Horton Plains before this was first time I saw that many sambhar stags in a heard.

We arrived the visitor's center around 7 am and started the hike as planned. There's a clear trail to Kirigalpoththa mountain which is 7 km long where one could hardly get lost in the trail. The bridle trail begins half way through the Kirigalpoththa trail. Our plan was to get to the peak of Kirigalpoththa first and then come back to where the bridle trail begins.
Peak of Kirigalpoththa