July 17, 2012

The Long Awaited Second Year Batch Trip to Hanthana

Aah...! I'm back at my blog for the first time in 2012.. wow! what should I say?  :O  Once again I proved to myself to be a genius at doing LONG-WAY-BACKS. Really for the last few months It was like I was suffering from Amnesia. I had almost forgotten about the blog, but thanks to our second year batch trip I was cured :-)

So just like our first year batch trip, this was also a hike. Our journey started from the uni of Pera after having listened to both presidents of the students' union and the explorers' club and blah blah blah (most of us considered the speeches were more like something close to greasy liquid fatty stuff 8-) ) it was about 11.00am when we started our journey.

Actually something important was done before starting the hike which we hadn't done last time. Some of us were separated into two groups as head and tail of the hike and were assigned specific tasks. I became one of the tail guys. We were supposed to maintain our formation till the end of the hike.

Oh.. Man!! So much to tell.. I'm gonna make this real short..!

Hanthana is a mountain range which consists of 7 mountains and out of that 7 we were supposed to climb 5 of them. We were able to go half way of the first mountain by the bus and then on foot. Unfortunately we didn't reach the peak of first mountain since our guides thought it would pass midnight to climb down considering our pace (That wasn't quite true u know). So we just went round to the first mountain when the peak was even clearly visible and reached  the second where there was a tea plantation. From there on it was a peak to peak journey.

Have a look at some of the photos of the journey. Some of them were taken by my friends.

Up there is the peak of the second mountain......