December 11, 2011

My thoughts into free style

My blog, the place I visit for the off season
Busy-ness with the uni-life would be the reason
My thoughts into free style, kinda weird ?
Just could't find one more neared...

                                                          So So....

All that glitters is not gold; they say
Shakespeare may not have thought this way
Please be more logical; Dr. Ramasinghe says
"There exists no gold s.t. gold glitters"
So there exists no gold; the conclusion
Math-analysis and literature; the collision
This may be not the right thing for someone
And we are on the same ride, that someone plus me 

Math freaks, math geeks and Phds, i hate'em all :D
Tryna work our minds to the extremes :@
I'm gonna finish this once and for all :(
And let my mind float freely in the spaces :)

UoC life beginning to feel great
Hopefully I'd write more with the INSIGHT
Alas! just remembered the next few months
Gonna be as hell and fall to pieces......