October 7, 2011

Amid the 'Back on track' process :D

Wow! again a long back to where it was all started where I got a little time off. So it has been almost a month since my so called vacation started after the university exams and since then as simply said  I've been busy as hell. Thousand things happened which I was not expecting, thousand things remain to be done which I was hoping to do in my vacation. Still my vacation is not a vacation anymore and the rest isn't going to be either; lol this just reminded me of what I told to one of my friends.

To this day most of my vacation was spent in the university and i'm pretty sure there won't be any change to the other remaining 17 days. So first and foremost I could break my own world record -wake up at 3.30 in the morning...yah! Then the happiest of all time is that I could start my daily practices again. Next got an opportunity to be a member of KSN, a research team based on Linux systems and open source development currently named as Knowledge Sharing Network which is headed by Gihan Wijeratne, a 4th year computational physics sp student and that's all i'm permitted to speak of KSN for now 8-)

The last week of September was all about taking initial steps to raise funds for a huge function (a huge function) in our university and that was to sell 50,000 pens each for Rs.20. It was planned to sell 10,000 as the first round in Colombo area, to be specific the buses-mainly 138,120,155,154,100,101 routes. This was really one hell of an experience. I couldn't even believe we sold pens just like the regular bus sellers. In the morning we split up as teams consisting 2 or 3 and came back to the university(to the Open) at about 2.00pm because it was really hard to sell when schools finished. Back at the Open everyone looked like dead; dehydrated and yawning and was tired like hell. At the end of the day each team sold about 250 pens. So the first 10,000 is  finished and second is on the way.

Then we had the 8th Korea Cup in October 1st and 2nd at the Sugathadasha indoor stadium; venue was specially mentioned because of an unforgettable experience I had back in 2008 during all island school wushu championships-my first ever knockout, I got knocked out in a fight and was carried in a stretcher, had a short memory loss, couldn't even walk for a month and that's..... quiet an exaggeration, isn't it :)  So in Korea Cup, of course our boys' team did well and was able to win 1-gold,2-silvers and 1-bronze, our girl's team got 2 bronze medals in the sparring event and 1-gold and 2-bronzes in pumsei event.Speaking of me I won against Uni of Mora but  it's just so embarrassing to say that, victory just vanished in a flick of an eye in front of me during the fight against Uni of Kelaniya because of a penalty round :'( 

Then starting from last Monday, October 3rd, a new batch joined the faculty of science and of course as the first seniors of the all new freshers it's our duty to make them feel the taste of the university culture and of course we are working really hard to accomplish that.

There are so many other things left to accomplish, I just don't know where they end. I've got to enter the next wushu nationals which I couldn't do last time because of the studies at the university and next Monday 10th October, the first official project of KSN is to be kicked off: Developing a database server. All the team members are looking forward to it and most of all I just wanna go back where I was an year ago, so 'back on track' process is still running in my OS in a separate system thread.