August 28, 2011

A word before the Final Exam paper-Algebra

Again a long way back exactly after 42 days here I am blogging in the middle of university exams. So far the exams were similar to an inverse of an exponential function (exp(-x)) for me and hopefully I know that there won't be any miracles happening to change that function into a exp(x^2) since algebra is next. 

So yesterday was the matrices, started the day with a little bit of confidence but within one minute that confidence turned into a disaster. The biggest problem we had writing the matrices past papers was the time management, it was almost impossible to complete a paper within 2 hours even if you could solve all the problems except for a math-headed-big-brainer. 

But the funniest thing was a  below average guy like me ending up answering all questions in the matrices paper with 10 minutes on the clock to go. So while checking some of the MCQs again(can't help :D :D @ myself) the 10 minutes passed. Exam was done. Right behind me was Ashan('pata'-ps001-the brainer) and at that very moment I didn't really get his 'facial expressions' . Then came the disaster...the first words came out of him were that the matrices lecturer had a hidden curse upon us. Next thing I did was check my answers with his..they were almost like an inverse-conjugate-transpose matrix of answers; i.e the answers were really different. After an 'in-depth-explanation' from him i could get the seriousness, then the next thing came out my mouth was 'yes matrices repeat!' . So so there goes the end point of the disaster.


These days it's a common sight to view parrots and all the descendants of  parrots and all the species of parrots in the university premises, some caged, some flying around freely. Just like Mr. Potter having Hedwig my batch mates are allowed keep one or more of those aiding creatures. Almost all the Bio-Science guys and gals must have one or more of those fascinating creatures with them all the time and we see them feeding their pets on a regular basis. In case of the physical science guys and gals, some are very repulsive to parrots, the instant they try to adopt a parrot the instant they fly away and some-specially who are doing chemistry borrow parrots on a  temporary basis but they tend to fly away so they usually keep few more. Unfortunately for me all species of parrots are allergic , I've got a fearful doubt that soon the uoc premises will become a bird sanctuary!!!