June 30, 2011

First Year Batch Trip to Haagala Mountains - part 1

This is the start of our journey; a hike, to be precise, Forgive me for not having any group photos of almost 300 crowd batch trip because we were the few of the first to go (i was the first) and on the half way my freaking K800i phone battery got dead and could't capture almost all the enjoyable moments. Any way have a look at some of the photos of which a journey i would not forget for my entire life.
The hike was supposed to be a great challenge for the bookworms who always used to hang around the 'Apaaya' ; i.e. the 'HELL' = library of faculty of science and of course for some girls(I really must admire the girls who could make their journey to the top without any help while some guys had already quit-ted ). 
Among the rest of the batch who couldn't participate there were some participating in inter-university games, I must appreciate their commitment for the university, thanks to them and others who took part, we remain as the overall champions to this day. 
DSC02077 by Kasun Amarasena
Haagala Mountains,  Sri Lanka.

DSC02078 by Kasun Amarasena
Haagala Mountains,  Sri Lanka

DSC02079 by Kasun Amarasena
The forest of pine - Haagala Mountains,  Sri Lanka

DSC02080 by Kasun Amarasena
The forest of pine - Haagala Mountains

After the forest of pine we thought were looking at the destination of our hike, the top , but.................

DSC02081 by Kasun Amarasena

DSC02083 by Kasun Amarasena

DSC02084 by Kasun Amarasena

DSC02086 by Kasun Amarasena